The average human being can read approximately 200-400 words per minute. For many, their individual reading speeds go unnoticed and is rarely thought about; however, for some, it is a source of anxiousness. Reading faster is a skill that can be learned, and it can greatly benefit peoples’ lives. Whether it’s being able to read more novels from the New York Times Bestseller List each year, move through important documents more quickly at work, or comprehend the material you need to know for a graduate or professional school entrance exam, developing the ability to speed read can make life much simpler. Here are three sure signs you should invest in speed reading:

  1. You Read Excessively for Your Job

You could be a lawyer, a doctor, an accountant, or a marketer. No matter your profession, most working professionals are required to read extensively, and often have very little time to consume every single word contained in the documents that come across their desk or fill their email inboxes. Reading excessively on the job is a sign that you should invest in speed reading. Increasing your reading speed from 300 words per minute (WPM) to 500 or 600 will save you hours each day, and provide you with the time you need to accomplish other important tasks.

  1. Your Concentration is Poor

Do you find yourself becoming easily distracted while you read anything, whether it’s work related or otherwise? Do you find yourself re-reading the text on a page because you find it difficult to focus too intently on whatever you’re reading? This is a sign that you should invest in speed reading. Speed reading helps you develop the capacity to scan groups of words quickly, focusing more specifically on the general meaning of the text. In a sense, speed reading helps you turn reading into a game that ultimately saves you time, and could have a dramatic impact on your productivity and your pocketbook.

  1. You Want to Improve Your Reading Comprehension

If you are interested in improving your ability to comprehend the things you read, this is definitely a sign you should invest in speed reading. Instead of focusing on individual words, which is often part of the reading habits we develop as children, speed reading allows you to emphasize word groups and clusters. As you practice speed reading, your mind becomes more attuned to deciphering the general meaning of text much more quickly and profoundly than by following your childhood habits.

Speed reading is something that has the potential to enhance your brain capacity, and help you develop new habits that can make you a successful student, employee, and casual reader. Contact EyeQ by Infinite Mind to learn more about the benefits of speed reading.