Dr. Kawamura with Jeffrey Flamm


Dr. Akihiro Kawamura developed this revolutionary information processing and speed reading system in Japan during the 1980’s. Dr. Kawamura has conducted extensive research and has authored 72 books related to brain function, reading and learning technology. Millions of people have experienced this program in Japan’s most prestigious private schools, universities and corporations. The results of studies in Japan and the U.S. demonstrate that students who use eyeQ increase their reading speed by an average of 2-10 times. Students not only process information more efficiently after using the eyeQ program, but their ability to learn and retain information in all subjects is greatly enhanced. Students who successfully complete this program also perform better on standardized tests.

Jeffrey C. Flamm, Co-founder and President of Infinite Mind, has teamed up with Dr. Kawamura to develop and distribute the eyeQ program in the United States. Infinite Mind is committed to providing state of the art learning and brain enhancement technology for school, home, and business use.

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