Let’s find those diamonds in the rough. The students with less than impressive backgrounds, but through the roof potential. They’re everywhere. They’re all over your schools, sitting in your classrooms.

The reality is the term “diamond in the rough” in one way or another, applies to us all. If given enough attention and opportunity many students can evolve their natural talent into stellar performances and opportunity.

As educators, our goal is to communicate, understand, listen, teach, and support our students. This process is beautiful and allows us the opportunity to a identify that one-in-a-million creative intelligence and potential. A chance to find these students for many of us is why we got into education in the first place. The teacher who found me was Mr. Gaudet. He was my 7th-grade geography teacher who told me I was brilliant. I laughed out loud, no one had ever called me that before. He had me tested, and it gave me opportunity. That change my life. I went from sluffing to studying, from the resource room to the honor roll, and in and on to college eventually leading and running over six companies. Having someone concerned enough to identify my ability and discover that I was more than when I appeared to be was the greatest blessing in my life.

Many of us have had this experience. Let’s return the favor and find those “diamonds in the rough” and do for them what so many of done for us.

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