Benefits of eyeQ™ Training

As a child, when you learned how to listen and process language, speak, and even read, you essentially trained certain areas of your brain to process these activities. Although this works well for children and provides a foundation for lifelong learning, we should focus more on neural plasticity, or the continual expansion of the brain’s abilities, as we get older. This way, we can improve and protect our memories, our ability to learn, our sense of reasoning, and even our quality of life at any age.

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You are about to experience the first session in the eyeQ speed reading program! During the eyeQ demo, you will experience our patented exercises. These techniques strengthen the eyes and improve the neuro-pathways in your brain. Scientific studies have shown that these exercises substantially increase brain activity. eyeQ will help you to improve your reading, comprehension, and memory. You will perform better if you relax while watching these high speed exercises.

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