One of the largest complaints that many students and professionals have in their day-to-day lives is the sheer volume of text that needs absorbed. Whats the problem? The problem is that the average reader only reads at around 200 words per minute. For short sections of text this is fine, but longer texts become intolerably time-consuming.

The solution is speed reading. It’s not some mythical power that only a select few have. It’s a learned skill that’s achieved by using various techniques that help speed your reading along at faster rates. The biggest problem for most readers is sub-vocalization. This is where you tend to say the words in your head; doing so will only allow you to read as fast as you can speak.

Learning to speed read is a personal choice made for many reasons. For students and professionals, the reason is pretty simple. Time management and efficiency, which we all know go hand in hand.

When you read at 200 words-per-minute, a 1000 word article will take you five minutes. Now imagine that you doubled your reading speed suddenly that 1000 word article only takes you two and a half, measly minutes. Being able to double the typical reading speed of the average person doesn’t sound like much, but when your bombarded with thousands of words to read a day, you almost magically have a lot more time to work on your school work, or important projects in your professional environment.

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