If you’ve made the decision to go to law school, you’re most definitely starting to think about the LSAT. The LSAT is not your run-of-the-mill college midterm or final exam, and you will have to put a lot of time and effort into studying in order to get a good score. Considering that your LSAT score is one of the most important factors that colleges and universities use for law school admissions purposes, you want to make sure that you do all that is necessary to secure a top score. Here are 3 tips for dominating the LSAT so you can get into the school of your choosing.

1. Get the Right Study Materials

One of the most important things you can do as an LSAT test-taker is acquire the materials to make you successful. While a number of study materials exist, some are obviously better than others. You’ll definitely want to consider getting one or more prep books that contain practice problems as well as practice tests. Before purchasing prep books, however, you should be sure to read online reviews to ensure that the books are rated well by previous test-takers, as well as current law school students. Other materials could include online learning software designed to help improve reading speed, comprehension, and logical reasoning. And finally, depending on your level of commitment, you may want to consider hiring a tutor to help you practice the sections of the LSAT that give you the most trouble. When a test like this determines your future, spending a little cash should be viewed as an investment. Remember, a great score will affect your academic and occupational future!

2. Study Efficiently

The LSAT is the type of test that requires you to perfect your weaknesses. Spending study time to work on sections that are difficult for you is a sure way to help you improve your overall test score. Many test-takers spend a considerable amount of time mastering the logical reasoning and logic games sections of the LSAT, however, they neglect the reading comprehension section which makes up ¼ of the whole exam! With a test this important you can’t afford to neglect improving your score for this section of the test. In addition to improving your weaknesses, consider setting apart time daily to work through practice tests, and to reflect on where and how you can improve. Efficiently studying will have a dramatic impact on your overall LSAT score and subsequently your admission to a top tier law school.

3. Practice Pacing

Too many LSAT test-takers see their scores drop as a result of being unable to finish questions and entire test sections in the allotted time given to them. As early as today, start using a timer or stop watch to practice answering logical reasoning questions, work through logic games, and read through the reading comprehension passages. Doing this will give you a reference point with regards to your current test performance, and help you to set goals for where you need to be on test day. One thing is certain when it comes to LSAT pacing, improving your reading speed as well as your comprehension rate is something that improves both your ability to pace yourself as well as your confidence to perform well while taking the LSAT.

As you prepare to take the LSAT, implementing the three suggestions listed above are sure ways to secure the best score possible and find yourself receiving admittance letters to the law schools of your choosing. Good luck!