Focus on Impact

Book Cover: Focus on Impact

The Book

Each of us has an impact on the people we meet, but most of us never stop to think about or measure the impact we have. The most successful entrepreneurs are those who focus on IMPACT.  Studies have shown that when executives and companies focus on money, more than the impact of their product or service, they struggle to accomplish either. Wendy has a well thought out and documented system that helps you chart (or map) your path to success.

There are four adjectives that describe personality types.  Once your personality type is recognized: Connector, Enthusiast, Thinker, or Commander…you can better understand the traits and methods that will work best to help you choose your path to success. The biggest mistake most leaders make is not understanding HOW they impact others.  Once you better understand your personality type and leadership style, you can tailor how you can more effectively accomplish your goals through your personal impact.

In her book, Wendy uses a map that requires the reader to visit 10 different cities.  Each city represents a step on the path to success.

The 10 Cities/Steps

  1. Define
  2. Discover
  3. Determine
  4. Design
  5. Develop
  6. Differentiate
  7. Deliver
  8. Decide
  9. Diversify
  10. Dare

Following her map step by step, one discovers the path to better understanding what to implement in order to achieve success.  Too many entrepreneurs and seasoned executives make incorrect assumptions, often leading them to disaster.  Taking the time to answer the questions in each section enables every leader to find answers that will propel their product and overall impact to new levels.

Each of us wants to make a difference with our product or service.  But why do so many difference-makers fail? Common thought blames under-capitalization, but in Wendy’s experience, she has found that a LACK OF CLARITY is the biggest culprit.  It may be clear to a business leader what the company vision is, but how about the employees?  Do they have the same clear vision of what their impact is, or could be?

She further explains in her book the importance of differentiating your product from others.  Your product or service should be known as ONE OF A KIND.

Then she talks about growing your business through partnerships that are mutually beneficial.  How can you grow your impact through others?

My Comments

Wendy is one of the faculty members of CEO Space, a training and networking organization for CEO’s of all types.  Whether you are a CEO of a start-up, or a thriving company, you need constant training and learning to keep you at the top of your game.  Attending CEO Space has provided me some of the best training I have had in my 40 years as a CEO.

Wendy has more powerful and proven content than I have found in most other books I read.  Instead of hiring a consultant to help you define your impact and how to build your business, spend a day or two reading and implementing the principles in Wendy’s books. The result will propel your success and save a lot of potentially wasted dollars and heartache.

To pick up the book, and learn more about Wendy’s book, “Focus on Impact” go to