When you begin a class, you may feel like you won’t have any problems keeping up with your homework. After all, you know all about homework management skills and shouldn’t have any problems doing all of your assignments. Then the time comes for your first test, and you realize that you are not as prepared as you thought you would be. Don’t forget that studying for your tests is just as important as doing the homework assignments. When studying for a typical test, you have to pay attention to all of the materials you are given for class.

Study Guides and Handouts

If your professor gives you study guides for your tests, use these to outline your study strategy. Focus the bulk of your studying on what is illustrated in the study guide because this is what you will need to know for the test. Any other materials that your professor gives you can be helpful for studying as well; any maps, charts, graphs, or other materials can be very handy when studying.


Throughout the semester, do your best to keep up with all of the readings in your textbook. Highlight passages that seem important or confusing so that you can ask questions and refer to the passages later. Before the test, review most of your reading, focusing mostly on the headings, sub-headings and any practice questions.


Take good notes throughout the semester. Listen to what your professor is saying and write your notes in a way that you will understand. If you try to write down every word your professor says, you won’t get much out of your notes when it comes time to study. When you study, you should have a list of the important points from your lectures.

The most important part of studying for tests is not to wait until the night before your test to begin studying. By keeping up with your readings and other materials throughout the semester, you can guarantee that your tests will be nothing to fear. Please sign up for a free trial to see how we can help you get your homework management in order.