163867388_0aca90a083_zAt any given time within a workplace environment there are numerous projects and tasks that need to be completed by employees. Managing multiple tasks can be daunting and completing them in a timely manner is vital to maintaining client relations. How can employees effectively increase productivity and establish a solid routine for completing projects? The key lies in increasing your reading abilities.

Reading increases your ability to move through projects faster

The never-ending barrage of assigned projects you deal with in your workplace is an accepted part of 21st century employment. Your desire (and your boss’s) is to check items off your “to-do” list with quality and efficiency. This can be accomplished by improving your reading skills. Reading through text-heavy documents or editing the draft of an important email is vital to accomplishing your tasks. Learn to read faster, and you will drastically increase the rate at which you can move through your work.

Reading increases your comprehension

Often we read through documents or online text files and after spending twenty minutes reading the content we sit back and ask ourselves, “what did I just read?” The cure to low reading comprehension is reading more, asking yourself insightful questions as you read, and paying attention to key topics. As an employee increases his/her reading they will develop the skillset of easily comprehending the content of the text.

Reading is brain food

Exercising your brain is one of the healthiest things you can do. Your brain is a living, breathing organ that requires ‘weight-lifting’ in the form of mind activities. There is no better way to give your brain a solid workout and improve your workplace productivity than through reading. The age-old antidote to a tired, bored, or distracted brain, is reading.

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