It is simpler than ever before to engage in some quick brain games either on your phone, a tablet or your home computer or laptop. Many people try to do little puzzles like sudoku or a crossword puzzle to keep their brains engaged.  The hope is that, if they keep their brains sharp, they can prevent mental deterioration that leads to problems like dementia.

However, a recent article in Time Magazine is quick to point out that these little puzzles and brain games may not be as helpful as you would hope, because they are not designed to really engage the brain in challenging processes.

According to the Time Magazine article, “You Asked: Do Brain Games Really Improve Memory?” by Markham Heid,

“Along with physical activity, your brain needs mental stimulation to stay hale and fit. And when it comes to mental stimulation, novelty is important, Li explains. Here’s why: The more you use your mind to perform a task—whether it’s cooking your favorite dish or driving to the supermarket—the less effort your brain requires to complete that task.”

Doing the same kind of brain games day after day doesn’t actually provide the challenge you need to improve your cognition. That’s why we’ve designed a customized program that actually puts your brain through its paces and can help you read and process information more quickly. If you want to see the results for yourself, please contact us. We will help you improve your brain processing speed in just minutes a day.