Final Exam Checklist

It’s finals week. Today is test day. You’ve studied, crammed, and haven’t slept in days. You’ve done just about everything you can think of to prepare for your final exam. There’s nothing left but to take the test, right? Believe it or not, there may be a few things you haven’t thought of to help you ace that chemistry final. Here is your test day checklist. Follow these five simple steps to make sure you are at the top of your game for your finals this semester.

Get Some Sleep

"I don't wanna get up..."


According to Dr. Robert Oexman, no student should trade sleep for time studying. However, if you are like most college students, you’ve already made that trade. Now that you are only hours before the big exam, stop studying and take the chance to give your body some rest.

Final exams are already stressful. Even in the best condition, a final exam can tax the brain and make it difficult to remember facts clearly and make correct choices. A lack of sleep only makes it more difficult to ace your finals.

Sleep rejuvenates the body. It alleviates stress and allows the brain to process all the thoughts and pressures of the previous day. With proper sleep, the brain is more capable of making decisions. If you can swing it, try to schedule time to get some good sleep the night before your final exams. You’ll have better success.

Eat Healthy

Cold cereal, pizza, take out, and ramen noodles are the staple foods of college students, but they are full of sugar, sodium, and fat. None of these provide the nutrition your brain needs to fully function. Instead of cold pizza right before a final exam, consider a breakfast which provides a mix of protein, complex carbs and vitamins. Here’s a good one:

Final Exam Breakfast


2 boiled eggs

¾ cup of oatmeal

1 cup of blueberries

Blueberries are a superfood. They contain loads of nutrients and have even been linked to improvements in learning and memory. Oatmeal is great for lasting energy and is high in B vitamins and fiber.

You can also eat a snack of 5-6 walnuts and 16 oz of water right before your final exam. Dehydration can impair brain function, and walnuts have been linked to improvements in deductive reasoning.


Stop Cramming

The time for cramming is over. Your brain needs a rest from all of the studying. Trying to cram even more information into your already stressed out brain will only make it harder for you to remember the things you’ve already studied. Instead, flip through some flashcards for 10 minutes an hour or two before the test. This should be a review where you go over things you already know. It’s too late for you to adequately learn new information that you will be able to use in the exam. Instead, clear your mind, and do a simple review of key concepts. You’ll find that relaxing your brain and clearing your mind before an exam will dramatically improve your performance.

Write Things Down

The day before you take your final exam, make a list of important things like a to-do list, things you’ll need for the test, etc. This may sound like a silly idea, but it works. On days when you take a final exam, your brain becomes scattered and can have a hard time remembering minute details not related to the test material. By making lists of your schedule and things you need to do before the exam, your brain will stay relaxed. You’ll be able to stay focused on the exam and be sure to remember everything you need.

Super Charge Your Brain

Brain fitness is important for your final exam.


With so must stress and anxiety going on in your brain, what have you done to get it into tip top shape before taking your final exam? There are programs which will help you get your brain active and prepare it for the workout it’s about to get.

The brain is a lot like a muscle. Without a warm up, it won’t function at peak capacity. Your brain will be sluggish and foggy. In this state, you’re at greater risk of making mistakes.  Warming it up before a final exam will activate the critical areas of your brain responsible for memory, reading, and reason. With these parts of your brain active before you go into your exam, you’ll be better able to read the material and process the information necessary to ace the exam.

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