The Key to Effective Studying

Effective studying. This article will show you how to cut down on study time, improve your memory, and raise your test scores, all through effective studying. Time to Hit the Books With the new semester well underway, you’ll undoubtedly need to start studying for tests and midterm exams. As you read through class [...]

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Final Exam Checklist: Five Simple Steps to Acing Your Finals

Final Exam Checklist It’s finals week. Today is test day. You’ve studied, crammed, and haven’t slept in days. You’ve done just about everything you can think of to prepare for your final exam. There’s nothing left but to take the test, right? Believe it or not, there may be a few things you haven’t thought [...]

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Neuroplasticity and Test Anxiety

Test Anxiety Have you ever taken a test and felt like you were having an out of body experience? Your heart pounds. Your head is full of fog, and the harder you try to focus, the less you can think clearly. Answers that you could rattle off during your study sessions suddenly won’t come to [...]

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